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Websites can seem very complicated. What I like about DOWN-TO-EARTH is that they keep things simple. There's no fuss and no hassle.

Bruce Picton
Educational Psychologist

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Highly experienced team

Websites from £500

Proud to serve small businesses

Fast turnaround

DOWN-TO-EARTH Terms & Conditions


  • We will design the website layout based on any branding or promotional materials / logos / style sheets you already have, for your approval.
  • We will write copy for the website for your approval. This copy will be optimised for Google and other search engines. If you prefer to provide copy for the website, we will sub-edit it, subject to your approval, in order to optimise it for search engines.
  • If you are providing images, they will be supplied to us in a pre-agreed size, resolution and format.
  • We will handle all the technical details of registering or transferring the domain and hosting the website. We will renew the domain on your behalf as necessary.
  • The domain name will belong to you. This means that if at any point after the end of the minimum term you decide to terminate the contract with us, you will still own the domain name and can have someone else set up and run a website for you using the same address. (There may be a nominal transfer fee.)
  • We will optimise the site for search engines e.g. Google. The objective is to enable people to find your website, and the companies listed on it, when they are searching for relevant terms. However it is impossible for anyone to guarantee where you will appear in search results. We can advise you on buying paid-for advertising on Google or other sites if you wish.
  • In accordance with industry practice we reserve the right to add a link/credit to the foot of each page on the website or emailshot.
  • We build websites to work with the latest versions of all the more popular browsers.
  • The minimum term is as stated in each client’s contract. At any time after the minimum term either party may give 3 months’ notice in writing to terminate the contract.

Payment terms

  • Deposit of 25% of set-up fee payable on contract signature followed by staged payments throughout the build process.
  • Monthly fees are payable by standing order in advance. Site will go live on receipt of first standing order payment.

About Down-To-Earth Websites

  • DOWN-TO-EARTH Websites is a service division of Data Analysis Solutions Ltd (DASOL). Established 2002.
  • Registered office: 1 Park Road, Hampton Wick, Surrey, KT1 4AS
  • Company Registration Number: 4679352
  • VAT Number: GB 812 0369 63
  • We are registered under the Data Protection Act