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Your quick grasp of my business requirements and your excellent copy writing has resulted in a clean, professional and interesting web site.

Grania Sweeting
Grapevine HR

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Highly experienced team

Websites from £500

Proud to serve small businesses

Fast turnaround

Everything you need for your website

We have decades of experience designing and running websites for all sorts of organisations from major corporates to individual sole traders and local charities. Since 2008 we have focused on serving small businesses and charities local to us in south west London.

We believe in clear, informative websites that simply do the job. For example, you may want to:

  • Tell the world about your business and your ethos
  • Help your customers find and contact you
  • Let people join your organisation or make donations
  • Publish up-to-date information such as product and price lists, menus, terms and conditions etc.

At DOWN-TO-EARTH Websites we design clear, simple websites using industry standard technologies. This approach helps your customers find their way around your site with ease, and also helps your site work on different platforms (eg. PC, mobile, tablet) without requiring expensive rework or multiple versions.

We can write your website copy for you or advise you on how to write for the web and for Google.

Above all, you will never need to understand or even know* about the technology behind your website – we’ll sort it for you!

*unless you want to of course, in which case we’re always happy for a geeky chat.

Some examples of client websites: (from brochure)